Who we are

We are  a European network for shareholder engagement

The Shareholders for Change network (SFC) is a group of institutional investors involved in active engagement with corporations to enhance a sustainable development as an essential element of their role as bond – and shareholders.

In addition SFC will engage with institutions, proxy advisors, associations and other public or private organisations to support the development of sustainable financial markets and a global economy aligned with the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) Framework.

Issues we care about

What do we do

SfC organises collaborative participation in European companies’ Annual General Meetings (AGMs) as well as coordinated voting or submission of questions to their boards and managements.

Our main issues:

  • workers’ rights and human rights
  • fiscal practices and tax justice
  • CO2 emissions and climate change

We coordinate dialogue with companies’ management by organising meetings and preparing letters and case studies. We promote dialogue and cooperation between organisation and movements of civil society and Sfc, with a view to improving the impact of the active and critical engagement activities.

SfC promotes dialogue and cooperation between organisations and stakeholders of the financial markets, such as ethical rating agencies, regulators, etc. in providing critical oversight and scrutiny when challenging controversial corporate practices and to improve aspects of sustainable financial market.


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The network


The 7 founding members, for a total of over €22bn AUM, are:

  • Bank für Kirche und Caritas eG (Germany)
  • Ecofi Investissements, Groupe Crédit Coopératif (France)
  • Etica Sgr, Gruppo Banca Etica (Italy)
  • Fair-finance Vorsorgekasse (Austria)
  • Fondazione Finanza Etica (FFE, Italy)
  • Fundacion Fiare (Spain)
  • Meeschaert Asset Management (France)

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