/ What we do

Our main engagement issues

Our first goal is to organise collaborative participation in European companies’ Annual General Meetings (AGMs) as well as coordinated voting or submission of questions to their boards and managements related to issues such as:

  • workers’ rights and human rights
  • fiscal practices and tax justice
  • CO2 emissions and climate change

Besides the participation in AGM2, the dialogue with companies and policymakers through the submission of letters or the coordination of meetings and calls is also of utmost importance.

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What engagement means to us

It means active ownership through engagement as bond- and shareholders.
Owing shares or bonds in a company enables investors to raise environmental, social and corporate governance issues with corporate management.

SfC does this by voting and making interventions at companies’ AGMs, co-filing shareholders proposals (also called resolutions), sending letters to companies and organising meetings with their management.

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SfC members adopt two different styles of engagement:

Shareholder Activism

with companies that, normally, are already part of an investing universe selected according to ESG criteria

Critical Shareholding

with companies that are targeted by NGO’s campaigns or are allegedly involved in serious environmental or social controversies. This approach is often implemented in cooperation with NGO’s.