SFC’s winter meeting

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New members, new board and engagement strategies for 2019


Two new ordinary members – Ethos Foundation and Friends Provident Foundation – have officially joined SfC during the winter meeting in Paris last December (2018). The focus of the meeting clearly lay in discussing the engagement plans of all members for the AGM season 2019 (which you may keep track of by signing up to SfC’s newsletter).
SfC’s members also decided to send letters to and start a dialogue with the telecommunication companies under scrutiny in the report “Bad connection“, which highlights what (the lack of) tax transparency tells us about European telecommunication companies.
Moreover, by-laws and founding deed have been signed and approved and the nomination of SfC’s board took place. The Board is now composed of Tommy Piemonte (Bank für Kirche und Carits), Adriana Lamberto Floristan (Fundacion Finanzas Eticas), Rainer Ladentrog (Fair-Finance), Cesare Vitali (Ecofi Investissements), Andrea Baranes (Fondazione Finanza Etica), Ugo Biggeri (Etica Sgr) and Aurélie Baudhuin (Meeschaert Asset Management). Aurélie Baudhuin was elected as president of SfC and Ugo Biggeri as vice-president.