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rare metals

The second phase of the engagement delivered positive results (except for metal recycling). But there is still room for improvement.   Our second research, “Rare metals supply chains“, published by our member Meeschaert Asset Management on behalf of SfC, evidenced potential social and environmental controversies in the supply chains of rare earths (such as Neodymium[…]

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SfC releases updated version of its research An updated version of SfC’s research, released today, includes new data, an improved methodology and the first results of the engagement with companies. International Consolidated Airlines Group exit the list of “aggressive” companies as a consequence.   SfC’s research “Pandemic Extractivism”, published in June, identified eight companies that received[…]

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covid capital allocation

A new research by SfC shows that a number of listed companies received State aid during the pandemic while adopting aggressive capital allocation strategies, e.g. paying high dividends or cutting workforce. The SfC network will engage the companies identified in the research in the coming months.   According to the research “Pandemic Extractivism”, led by[…]

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