Swiss digital impact investing platform Inyova joins SfC

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Inyova, a digital impact investing platform with offices in Zurich and Frankfurt, joined SfC – Shareholders for Change in December 2022.

Founded in Switzerland in 2017, Inyova expanded into Germany in 2021 and is fully licensed for all European markets. The company manages over EUR 170m in assets.


Inyova stands for “Invest in your values” and allows private investors to create personalised, risk-optimised, value-based portfolios consisting of 30-40 stocks, as well as green bonds. 

Through the Inyova app,  customers can select values that are important to them. The choices include, for example, “gender equality”, “plant-based foods” or “renewable energy”.  Inyova’s proprietary algorithm, called the personal impact engine (PIE), then selects shares from a basket of around 350 companies that match the chosen values. The result is a tailored portfolio of around 40 single shares. Portfolios are automatically  risk-optimised by the algorithm taking into account factors like industry, size and regions, amongst others. Investors set up an Inyova portfolio with as little as EUR 100.

Our platform and app are designed so that even people without financial knowledge can easily find their way around. Our investors are between 18 and 88 years old. Three out of four new investors are first-timers and almost 40% are women”, said Inyova’s CEO and co-founder Tillmann Lang

By buying stocks through the Inyova app, retail investors become active owners of shares or bonds. “Since the beginning, we’ve been striving to use the ownership rights of our clients to engage with companies regarding various issues”, explains Andreas von Angerer, Head of Impact at Inyova. “So far, we’ve launched some event-driven engagements, e.g. when a portfolio company became involved in controversial weapons such as LTG or Adecco Group, a public shareholder engagement event with Zur Rose Group and two larger engagement initiatives with BMW and Publicis”. Within SfC, Inyova is looking for allies “in order to exchange experiences and new ideas and learn from each other“.